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The mission at Sonata Spa is to inspire peace in your life and help you find a path to personal wellbeing. Whether you want to remove your hair permanently or looking for a skin or body improvement methods, we will help you find a right solution, suited to your individual needs.

  • We provide innovative, eco-friendly, personalized products and services that improve the way people live and take care of their skin and body needs.
  • We are using mindful approach to innovative skin care and hair removal technology to achieve best results and ensure a unique experience.
  • Our cell Phone-free invironment, we are confident that Sonata Spa will meet your needs through our customized service techniques.

Some of the unique elements of our treatments include using Beauty Water for our facials and body treatments, a relaxing detox through the Amethyst Bio Mat, and natural paraben-free skin and body care products for home use. We offer couple-style treatments: massages, facials and teeth whitening.

For more information visit: SonataSpa.com  or Call 279-7190

Nataliya Doughty, owner and operator of Sonata Spa, is an international Skin Care and Hair Removal Specialist. With over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, she is dedicated to serving her clients with excellence and integrity.

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View and print our services brochure.

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