Cell-Free Policy

We are Cell Phone Free Zone.

Why do we ask you to place your cell phone in a locker?

At Sonata Spa, we care about the environment and strive to create a harmonious relationship with our surroundings.

Watch Video to see how cell phones are effecting our bodies.


Due to the nature of our therapeutic services, we would like for you and other visitors to relax and focus on your treatment. By placing your cell phone in a secure locker, the atmosphere of peace and relaxation can be fully achieved.


We offer the best quality treatments and are committed to providing undivided attention during your session. All of our services require mental and physical focus to ensure the desired results. Using a cell phone during your visit may disrupt your therapist, which can affect the quality of your treatment.


Recent scientific research and studies have discovered harmful effects of the electromagnetic field (EMF) created by cell phones and other electronic wireless devices on our health. A powerful EMF may cause serious diseases and conditions such as Alzheimer, Autism, MS, Obesity, Allergies, and Cancer. Many people are very sensitive to EMF and many don’t know about it yet. Slow developing symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, insomnia may be related to continuous exposure to EMF. Our goal is to broaden awareness of electromagnetic pollution and provide a safe and healthy environment for all of our customers and employees.


We use electronic equipment for many our treatments. The use of cell phones on the premises may influence precision of these devices, and can cause harm to your body or the instruments. Even when the cell phone is off it still emits an EMF. Only taking the battery out may stop it from searching for a signal.


We all appreciate the convenience that cell phones provide: schedules, reminders, texting, and instant connection with our family and kids.  However, utilizing these supplementary features during your visit takes time and attention away from your therapist, causing disruption and delay in prompt service.

To learn more about EMF, please refer to the book EMF Freedom located in our library.

For your convenience we offer products which help minimize the harmful effects of EMF: Bio Dot, Smart Dot, SafeGuard.


  • I am very attached to my phone, and get really bored when don’t use it.

We want you to relax and focus on your experience. We have books and a TV slide show to help calm your mind in preparation for your treatment.

  • I am expecting an important call, may I keep my phone with me – just on silent?

No. When cell phone is on silent or off it still emits an EMF.

  • I must let someone know as soon as I am done so that he/she can pick me up.

Please do so outside of the office as soon as you are actually done with your visit: are checked out and have completed scheduling for your next appointment.

  • I use the calendar in my phone to know when I can come again. May I use it while rescheduling?

Please prepare by checking your schedule before your visit.  We will give you a reminder card and you can update your calendar later. Or you can schedule an appointment online after your visit.

  • I am worried that my kids will get in trouble and won’t be able to get ahold of me. May I have my phone with me?

Please make sure your kids are taken care of, and have a reliable babysitter while you are visiting. This relaxing, stress-free time is for you!

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation!

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