Permanent Hair Removal

Nataliya Doughty
36 years of experience in the Art of Permanent Hair Removal.                     Licensed in CA, Member of American Electrology Association. 

Hi, I’m Nataliya, owner of Sonata Spa. For the past three decades, I have specialized in the treatment of unwanted hair removal. I have seen clients suffer through years of dealing with temporary solutions to their problems, simply because they didn’t know about the unique option of permanent hair removal, called electrolysis. I have helped thousands of Alaskans achieve permanent results, where other modalities have failed. If you have tried shaving, plucking, waxing, laser, IPL treatments and they didn’t help, consider electrolysis. Unlike temporary methods, electrolysis will help remove unwanted hair permanently, even on such delicate areas as the upper lip, eyebrows, and bikini area.  Call today at 279-7190 and ask if I can help you.

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Electrolysis was invented in 1875 by Dr. C. Michel, an ophthalmologist. However it is still the only scientifically proven method of Permanent Hair Removal. Therefore, it has become very popular with both men and women.

Electrolysis can enhance your inner beauty with smooth, hair-free and healthy-looking skin:

Face: Over 75% of all women have some facial hair growth. Facial hair on the chin, cheek, and upper lip may be so obvious that many women have to shave or tweeze everyday to hide the growth.

Eyebrows: Eyebrow shapes are always changing with fashion. From very full to thin brows, straight to a high arch. But extremely thick or unibrow will never be in style, especially if the hair is very coarse and sticking out.

Mustache & Beard sculpting:Shaping a beard makes a neatly trimmed beard exquisite. It helps to minimize skin irritation from shaving and reduce the amount of care needed to maintain a beard.

Why Electrolysis?

The latestimprovements in Laser, Light Technology and other inventions may spawn otherpermanent methods in the future, but for now, Electrology stands alone in its ability to provide Permanent Hair Removal. Unlike temporary techniques Electrolysis:

  • Proven safe and effective for over 130 years.
  • Works on all skin and hair types.
  • Permanently removes unwanted hair even on such delicate areas as eyebrows, ears, hairline, bikini, toes, and fingers.
  • Eliminates uncomfortable side effects caused by traditional methods of hair removal(ingrown hair, irritation, bumps, and skin discoloration) by Permanently removing the hair.

How many treatments are needed?

Permanent Hair Removal is not a quick fix. Electrolysis treatment requires time and commitment. Since we have to treat each follicle individually, it may be a long, time-consuming process. Series of sessions are necessary to ensure successful outcome.

An Electrolysis treatment program must be tailored to meet each individual patient’s needs. Certain factors determine the number, length and frequency of treatments required, such as:

  • The number of hair follicles contained in the area of treatment
  • The sensitivity of the skin
  • The particular area to be treated
  • Health and skin condition
  • Previous methods of hair removal
  • Lifestyle, habits and hobbies

Your Electrologist will provide you with a treatment plan upon the first visit.

Treatment plan consist of:  length of each session and frequency of the sessions. Most patients find that a weekly session of 15-45 minutes is the most effective. In most cases it takes 6 to 9 month to get unwanted hair growth under control. And then occasional follow up appointments will be necessary to maintain the successful results.  The closer you adhere to your treatment schedule, the more effective your treatment program will be in helping you free yourself of superfluous hair forever.

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  1. Hello,
    I’m just curious to know how much it costs for electrolysis treatments and how far apart treatments are. I’m looking to get eyebrows, upper lip, hairline, underarms, arms, legs, stomach, brazilian done. Pretty much everywhere…

    Thanks in advance!

    • Electrolysis Price is based on each person’s individual needs and features. There is no way to
      estimate the cost as we have to work with each follicle at a time. When we talking ” pretty much everywhere”- we should expect a long time and pricey process. Call 907-279-7190 for more detailed information. Thank you, Nataliya

    • General information about prices can be found on our website. This question is very specific and requires individual evaluation, it can be answered during your initial visit. Thank you.

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