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Discover how Sonata Spa stands apart from other competitors through our unique services and their many benefits.

The mission at Sonata Spa is to inspire peace and confidence in your life.

We provide innovative, eco-friendly, personalized products and services that help improve the way people live and take care of their skin and body needs. With a comfortable, spacious treatment rooms and a cell phone free facility, we are confident that Sonata Spa will meet your needs through our customized service techniques.

Some of the unique elements of our treatments include using Beauty Water for our facials and body treatments, a relaxing detox through the Amethyst Bio Mat, and paraben-free skin and body care products for home use. A special feature of our Sonata Zen room includes revolutionary Bio-Accustic Massage, Guided Meditation, Plant Therapy and Kangen Tea for your healing and wellness to blossom.

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Signature European Facials

Our facials were created by artfully blending
cutting edge technology with innovative
products, European skin care techniques and
wholistic massage therapy.

Prelude*, **

This express 30 min session targets specific
concerns with a customized algae treatment
mask. The immediate reviving effect on the skin
creates a glowing complexion, perfect for a
special occasion. 30 min -$120

Piano*, **
A relaxing recovery facial, followed by a
soothing seaweed treatment mask is an effective
method to intensively moisturize and nourish
the skin, promote relaxation, reduce anxiety,
relieve tension and facial pain. It is
especially effective before or after an
Electrolysis procedure; helps shorten recovery
time. 40 min- $150

Allegro*, **
Exfoliate and deeply nourish skin with this
award winning mask- a formula of Pumpkin
Enzymes and Vegetables. Loaded with
antioxidants, this layered fortifying peel rejuvenates and
supports the skin, leaving it incredibly soft,
smooth and clean. 60min -$150

Sonatina*, **
This facial includes deep exfoliation and
ultrasound pore purification or face massage,
followed by our luxurious CASMARA Mask.
This is an important first step in preparing the
skin for rejuvenating treatments.
50 min -$180

This facial is designed for acne-prone skin: a
deep exfoliation, followed by 15min extractions,
a high frequency treatment and an Algae Peel-
Off Mask. These procedures help eliminate acne
and black heads, tighten pores and prevent
future skin breakouts. 75min -$220

Innovative Skin Therapy
Our specialty treatments utilize Microcurrent,
Ultrasound, and LED Light Technology. They
are non-invasive, safe and provide lasting
results. They have no adverse effects and can be
used as recovery facials after Waxing or

Andante*, **
This photo-rejuvenation facial uses specific
wavelengths of natural red and infrared light
energy to restore the skin’s normal activity. It
promotes natural production of collagen and
elastin, reduces appearance of aging spots, and
sun damage. The result is younger, healthier
looking skin. 30min-$150; 20min-$95

Forte*, **
Microcurrent treatment is a biologically
compatible electrical skin therapy, which helps
“recharge the battery”. It improves circulation,
firmness of the skin, reduces dark circles and
puffiness around the eyes. Your immediate,
refreshed appearance lasts for days. This system
supports successful treatments of acne, rosacea,
and recovery after electrolysis or a surgical
facelift. Full face and neck- $250; Half Face -$150

Fortissimo*, **
Awaken your Sleeping Beauty and see the
instant change in your skin’s appearance: firm,
smooth, and rehydrated, with a reduced
appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and superficial
hyper-pigmentation. This procedure utilizes
LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent
technology to provide an instant, non-invasive
Face Lift. This is a great facial prior to any
special occasion. 90 min -$350

Bravo*, **
If you have sagging, drooping eyebrows, this
simple procedure will provide an instant, noninvasive
brow lift. Non-surgical muscle reeducation
helps sculpt and contour the brow
area, including the forehead and cheekbones.
30 min -$150

Special Care Treatments

Calma*, **
The special formulation by Dr.Mark Lees®
SENSITIVE SCIENCE® products in addition
to a soothing LED procedure, make this facial
ideal for sensitive, dehydrated, or reactive skin.
Clients with rosacea or other redness problems
will benefit greatly from this treatment.
45 min -$190

Presto*, **
This blemish relief treatment- great for teens-is
a healthier way to target acne and purify
problem areas. The powerful combination of
Beauty Water, compress, deep exfoliation, and
15 min extractions followed by a chlorophyll
reach mask helps balance gentle skin’s pH level,
eliminate existing acne and prevent new clogged
pores, while providing hydration and protection
on the way to clearer and acne-free skin.
45 min -$150

A fantastic smile is an accessory you always
want to carry with you. Over the years, teeth
undergo wear and tear, like stains from dietary
factors such as coffee, smoking, juice, soda,
wine and more. Enjoy the fast, simple and
effective way to brighten your smile with the
Professional Pearl White LED System.
60min- $220

Spa and Body Treatments

Adagio*(coming soon)

Sonata Spa*, **
Our own unique combination of Bio-Acoustic Mat, Amethyst Bio-Mat Treatment, Amethyst Crystal Facial and Full-Body massage infused by powerful healing properties of Ametrine crystals customized to create an unforgettable
experience. Escape from daily stress and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of innovative music therapy blended with wholistic face and body work. 150 min -$380

Cinderella Facial Makeover*, **
An incredibly relaxing, extra-pampering, spa facial that includes special treatment of the neck and décolleté’. Cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, LED face rejuvenation and toning procedures all performed with carefully choreographed face, hand and foot massage, good for the skin and the psyche. Hand and foot moisturizing pampering treatment is included in this package. 120min-$320                                                                                                                                    

*-Accompaniment: These services are combined with Amethyst Bio-Mat treatment. The Amethyst Bio-Mat emits negative charge ions and infrared rays. The gentle warmth has an overall massaging and cleansing effect on your body, soothing jangled nerves and knotted muscles with its natural healing properties. You will feel rejuvenated and renewed—restored in body and mind.           

**-Duet: Combine the luxury of our unique Sonata Zen experience with your Spa treatment and enjoy therapeutic benefits of BioAccustic Mat, Guided Meditation, Plant Therapy, Kangen Tea. 30min-$50

Create your own Medley by adding
these services to your Facial or Spa
Treatments. Feel refreshed and restored!
Let our brow expert show you the way to a

Perfect Arch:

 Eyebrow Design $70
Eyebrow Corrections $50
Follow up Tweeze/Wax $30
Brow/Lash Tint $30

Stress Relief Face Massage

A basic relaxing facial massage geared towards
your individual needs. It helps tone the skin and
keep underlying muscles firm. It is a perfect
relief from tension, eyestrain, sinus congestion,
headaches and facial pain. 15min- $45

Classic Face Massage

This classic face, shoulder and décolleté massage
relaxes your facial, neck and eye muscles,
stimulates circulation, providing the feeling of
tranquility and heightened well-being. This
massage is characterized by fluid movements,
long strokes and kneading. 25min-$55

Custom Facial Wrap

Warm, aromatic and moisturizing Aloe Vera
facial wrap, followed by gentle massage, light
pressure-point work to relax, uplift, and tone
the skin. It is a very effective treatment for
sagging skin and double-chin. 20 min -$55

Happy Feet

This gentle foot massage using aloe heat cream will
help you relax. A specially formulated cream will
relieve aches, tiredness, reduce swelling and will
soften the skin. Repeated treatments help
reduce calluses. 20min -$50

Foot & Hand Eco-Fin Wrap

This comforting treatment combines the
benefits of heat and moisturizing properties of
Eco-Fin. It is wonderful for soothing tired,
travel-weary feet. $40

Hair Removal

Everyone wants to get rid of unattractive hair
that appears on the face or other parts of the
body. Whether you want to remove your hair
permanently or you are looking for a convenient
non-permanent method, we will help you find a
solution suited to your individual needs.

Permanent Hair Removal

Invented in 1875 by Dr. C. Michel, an
ophthalmologist, Electrolysis is the only method
of Permanent Hair Removal that is medically
recommended. It has become very popular with
both men and women.
Initial visit: $100
Follow up treatments based on time:
minimum charge- $80(up to 10 minutes)


Everyone wants to get rid of unattractive hair that appears on the face or other parts of the body…Whether you want to remove your hair permanently or looking for a convenient non-permanent method, we will help you find a solution suited to your individual needs. Read more..

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