Gift Cards

Make your Loved One’s wish come true!

Have you ever heard your daughter, wife or mother say, while looking in the mirror:

“I wish I could get rid of the bags under my eyes, blemishes and hair on my face, “or “I just want a day for me”…?

Whether she is looking for a healthier, younger looking skin or just wants some much-needed alone time, this Holiday, invest in her in a way that will remind her that you care about how she feels about herself. Give your loved one a gift that is so much more than another box to unwrap, give her a gift card to Sonata Spa.


Sonata Spa will donate all proceeds from $50 Gift Cards sales through the month of March 2017  to support Alaska’s local women’s shelter, AWAIC!

Please support our Fundraiser In Honor of International Women’s Day.

Come in for a visit at Sonata Spa; look and feel great while helping women in need!


Who can buy this card? Any one.

Who can Use this Card? New clients Only.

How many cards can be used per visit? One card per person. 

What is International Women’s Day? click to read about this holiday.

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Thank you for supporting AWAIC. 

Custom Gift Cards are available upon request.

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 $200 Gift Cardbtn_buynow_LG


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