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Back to School Specials

Greetings from Nataliya!

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer as much as I do. Sadly to say but it’s going away rapidly and we have to think about back to school, for some- back to work preparations. I will be happy to help you cope with the stress and get the new glamorous look you want.

Please check the Back to School Specials:




Special Price $80 Regular Price $95 ($15 Savings)

Sonata Club Members Special Price $70 ($25 Savings)

This blemish relief facial will help eliminate acne and purify young problematic skin. Powerful combination of Beauty Water deep exfoliation, high frequency treatment and extractions followed by a chlorophyll reach mask will help balance gentle Ph level and prevent new clogged pores.

Presto-Mini (Same as Presto, excluding extractions)

Special Price $60 Regular price $75 ($15 Savings)

Sonata Club Members Special Price $50 ($25 Savings)

Bravo Rejuvenating Non-Surgical Microcurrent Face-Lift

Special Price $80 Regular Price $95 ($15 Savings)

Sonata Club Members Special Price $70 ($25 Savings)

This Eye and Brow treatment helps tighten the skin, reduce dark circles and puffiness around eyes and provide an instant, noninvasive brow lift. Perfect before a special occasion.


Special Price $80 Regular Price $95 ($15 Savings)

Sonata Club Members $70 ($25 Savings)

This facial is very effective and can be added to your Electrolysis treatment; helps relax and shorten recovery time.

 Save $5  on any Waxing services.




or call: 907-279-7190

All Specials are available until September 27th, 2018

Looking forward to assist you with your beauty needs during this exiting time!

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