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New Year, New You!

Do you want to look and feel your BEST? Prevent cancer, fatigue and other health problems and conditions?

Join Sonata Club Lifestyle and become what you want to be!

At Sonata Spa, we take a more holistic approach and offer wellness treatments for the whole body. Through the classic spa elements of repairing the body with water, Sonata Spa promotes healing both inside and out, offering Kangen and Beauty water as integral parts of our innovative treatments. We understand that skin and body care is not just a luxury, but a necessity, and we are here to help. Join the Sonata Club and receive exclusive membership benefits like access to informational seminars. Join us on January 19th at 6pm, for a workshop called, “New Year, New You,” exploring the process of full body detox, healthy living and the effects each has on weight and inch loss. Relax, and enjoy refreshments in the company of other Sonata Club members while learning about the health benefits of detoxing your body. Space is limited. Please call 279-7190 to reserve your spot or to inquire about the Sonata Club today.