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$25 Beauty Money toward Cinderella Facial

Cinderella Facial Makeover

Do you sometimes feel like Cinderella, working from dawn to dusk, taking care of your family, running errands, cooking, and cleaning with no time left for yourself? And when you finally find the time for a special event, get frustrated looking in the mirror? Fine wrinkles, eye bags, rough, lifeless skin, clogged pores, and red pimples can’t be covered up with the expensive make up you recently bought?

Our Cinderella Facial Makeover will help you eliminate those skin problems and relieve that emotional stress. The Innovative Facials were created by ARTfully BLENDing the cutting edge  Microcurrent, Ultrasound, LED(photorejuvenation), Nano technology and Skin Care Products with traditional European Skin Care Techniques and  Massage Therapy. This is also a first and important step to prepeare the skin for rejuvenating treatments.

Depending on skin condition, age, and lifestyle the combination of procedures you receive during the Cinderella Facial Makeover may vary. Procedures such as deep manual, machine or innovative ultrasound pore purification proceedures, our luxurious CASMARA Algae Peel Off Mask,  Microccurent, High frequency or Galvanic modalities may be included in your treatment which will be determined and discussed during your consultation. Read More…

Use $25 Beauty Money Toward your first Cinderella Advanced Facial.

Offer expires 2-29-12

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