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3 Specials for a Summer Makeover!

Summer is here, are you ready for a fresh makeover? 

Losing a few extra inches for your summer outfits and getting your skin looking healthy and silky smooth again takes time. Body Wraps , Cleansing and Exfoliating Facials usually require 5- 10 sessions to get desired results. Waxing takes 2-3 visits to achieve lasting results. 

If you are planning on getting in better shape this summer, don’t wait, start NOW!

Brighten your skin and your mood with 3 great Specials:

Special #1 Exfoliate and Nourish  your skin with Sonata or Sonatina Facial.

Special #2 Remove unwanted hair by Waxing. 

Special #3 Lose a few extra inches for your favorite summer outfits with Aloe Vera Body Wrap.

Get Extra Bonus:

  • Detox and Relax with our luxurious complementary Amethyst Infrared BioMat Treatment($80 value), while having any of these services.
  • Purify your skin and body –  All Sonata Spa services promote healing both inside and out, offering Kangen and Beauty water as an integral part of our treatments. 

Enjoy our great limited time offers, which expire July 10th, 2018

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It’s a great opportunity to try NEW Treatments and invest money in your wellness.

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