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Clean Skin is Healthy Skin!

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Exfoliation is a very important step in skin care. Exfoliation makes the skin smoother, helps product penetration by unblocking the surface, and promotes stimulation, which increases the cell turnover rate. Depending on skin condition, exfoliation can be achieved by scrubs, peels, or use of the brushing machine to gently remove the dead skin that makes the skin feel rough and clogs the pores. Steam or Warm Towels usually will be used to soften the pores, promote more effective cleansing, and prepare the skin for extraction or product penetration. Steam also softens superficial lines, and increases circulation.


Have you ever noticed black or white heads around your nose, chin or forehead? Black heads consist of harden sebum, polluted dead cells, and remains of makeup.  Manually removing impurities and comedones helps unblock clogged areas and refines pores. Cleansing out the debris that expands them allows the pores to contract to their normal size. Manual extraction is often the only way to expel impurities and clean our pores. It is also necessary to remove papules and pustules in order to release bacteria and fluids so they can heal more rapidly.

Many people are hesitant to have extractions done due to unsuccessful or unpleasant outcome they have experienced in their or someone else’s past. Thanks to the luxurious skin care system I use during my facials, extensive experience practicing these treatments and the use of new technology, you will have no unwanted marks or signs of extractions done at Art-Blend. That is why exfoliation is a big part of the new Cinderella Facial Makeover. You will actually SEE Instant visible skin-clearing results and love your baby-like skin again!

Depending on skin condition, age, and lifestyle the combination of procedures you receive during the Cinderella Facial Makeover may vary. Innovative Ultrasound Microdermabrasion, Microccurent, Chemical or Enzyme Peel, High frequency or Galvanic modalities may be included in your treatment which will be determined and discussed during your complimentary consultation.

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