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Back to School Specials

Greetings from Nataliya!
Hope you enjoying this beautiful summer as much as I do. Sadly to say but it’s going away rapidly and we have to think about back to school, for some- back to work preparations. I will be happy to help you cope with the stress and get the new glamorous look you want.

Please check the Back to School Specials:
Save $25 on any of:
• Cleansing/Exfoliating Facials (Cinderella Facials)
• Acne treatment with Extractions(Art-Teen)
•  LED Rejuvenating Facial Art-Light
Instant Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Save $5 on any Waxing services.

These Specials are available until August 30th, 2014

I will be traveling September 5h through September 18th.
Please let me know if you want to see me before then.
If I won’t be able to see you before my trip,
You can buy a Gift Card for these Specials with Expiration Date on December 1st of 2014.

During my travel I will be staying in touch through my online newsletter and facebook.
Please subscribe for the news on my website or follow me on facebook.

Looking forward to assist you with your beauty needs during this exiting time!