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Sonata Spa is on its way!

Cinderella Facials

Dear friends! Thank you so much for your patience! While Sonata Spa is getting ready to open its doors, let me take a moment to give you a little intro to the exciting new treatments we will offer.

Among all the Skin Care Therapy, European Facials, Body Wrap treatments available, Hair Removal is the most popular and demanding service at Sonata Spa. Everyone wants to get rid of unattractive hair that appears on the face or other parts of the body. Many women and men struggle with unwanted hair, and subject themselves over and over again to a variety of confusing methods of hair removal.

Whether you want to remove your hair permanently or you are looking for a convenient non-permanent method, I will help you find a solution suited to your individual needs. Before considering what method would work the best for you, we will sort out all the options, compare the possible outcome and let you decide. Knowledge is key in this sensitive matter. So, where should we start? Just ask, and I am happy to share little secrets with you to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of various hair removal techniques and technologies.