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About Sonata Spa


Just like a SONATA – a composition performed by an instrumental soloist, with an accompaniment of one or more instruments – Sonata Spa brings together the expertise of seasoned practitioner Nataliya Doughty with an accompaniment of other specialists, whose craft centers on helping individuals discover personal well-being.

With classic spa elements of repairing the body through water, Sonata Spa promotes healing both inside and out, offering Kangen and Beauty water as an integral part of our treatments. At Sonata Spa, we orchestrate a song of beauty to inspire peace and healing in your life, and help you perfect how you care for your personal skin and body care needs.

Nataliya Doughty, owner and operator of Sonata Spa, is an international Skin Care and Hair Removal Specialist. With 28 years of experience in the beauty industry, she is dedicated to serving her clients with excellence and integrity.

Born and raised in Izyaslav- a very beautiful, ancient, Ukrainian town- she obtained her nursing degree in 1985 at Kaliningrad State Medical School in Russia. After two years of apprenticeship, she completed an Esthetician Program at the Moscow Institute of Plastic Surgery in 1988.

“My teachers in school were absolutely sure that I was going to the conservatory, but they didn’t know that violin was just a passion as I explored and journeyed on with my dreams.  My inner voice kept urging me to play the music that my heart heard… And so I pursued my desire to help other people feel beautiful! I went to Medical School and the Esthetic Institute instead the conservatory. Neither my clients nor I have ever regretted my decision.”

Nataliya practiced Medical Esthetics and Electrology at well known plastic surgery clinics in Khabarovsk, Moscow, and at her own beauty salon “Charovnitza” in Magadan, Russia until 1999 when she immigrated to the United States. After recertification in the U.S., she completed another Esthetician Training Program at Metroasis in Anchorage, Alaska.

In 1999, she opened her own beauty practice, which has since specialized in Permanent Hair Removal, Acne Prevention, European Facials, and Skin Rejuvenation.  

“My skills and ambitions grew to the point that being my own boss felt like the only option. Having my own business gave me the freedom I needed to better fulfill the needs of my clients and my family.”

Her passion is helping people find well-being and treat unwanted skin and hair conditions by providing high-quality treatments of the latest technology. She regularly participates in continuing education events, and recently obtained certification in Microcurrent, Ultrasound, and Photorejuvenation treatments, as well as Eyebrow Design, Brazilian & Full Body waxing, Eyelash Extensions, and Chemical Peels.

“A year ago I was visiting my family in Ukraine and I spent some time with my favorite aunt, who offered me kind words of praise. She said no one in our family had achieved business success like I had. “You are our Golden Nugget,” she said. Her pride resonated deeply, as she had been my first mentor when I began my profession in the beauty industry. I am very thankful to my aunt Tatyana, my dearest daughters Dariya and Sofiya, and my sweet mother Lyudmila, for their unconditional  love, continuing support, encouragement in my endeavors to which I attribute my success.”

In January 2015, In order to better serve client’s needs, she relocated her business to a beautiful, new space with the a new name. To Nataliya, Sonata Spa is the culmination of her lifelong dream career combined with her musical passion- It is a composition which she has been working on since she was 19 years old.

We welcome you to our new location- 5040 Lake Otis Parkway, Suite 210- with a greater set of products and services for you to choose from!

“Let me share my expertise with you and help you achieve your personal goals through the great art of Skin Care and Hair Removal.”

In her spare time, Nataliya likes to be outdoors, go hiking, biking, camping, fishing, and skiing with her husband Mark Doughty and her daughters Dariya and Sofiya. She recently returned to her childhood passion of playing the violin.

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