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Happy Easter to all of you!

Hope this Bright Spring Holiday will bring you peace,

happiness and joyous time with your loved friends and family!

Introducing Daily Beauty Deals.

Daily Beauty Deals is a new benefit of the Beauty Loyalty Program, created to give members an opportunity to experience skin care treatments and new beauty services available at Art-Blend.

Did you know that there are more than 50 different skin care, hair removal, spa treatments, and beauty services available at Art-Blend to serve your beauty needs? Since during your visit I am focused on helping you with your main concerns, it’s very challenging to introduce all other wonderful treatments you may be interested in or even looking for.

How does it work?

• First you need to join the Beauty Loyalty Program, if you haven’t yet. Print this Form. Fill it in. Bring it to your next appointment or scan and e-mail it to me.

• After that I will send you a link to subscribe for Daily Beauty Deals.

• Sign up to receive Daily Beauty Deals by e-mail.

• After you sign up, you will receive an e-mail asking to confirm the subscription (anti-spam requirement).

• Look for an e-mail every day with detailed information about the Daily Beauty Deal, usually after 6 pm.

Daily Beauty Deals will include important things:

  • Name of the Deal;
  • Price: will indicate Full price and Deal Price;
  • Description of the Deal: including type of the treatment, full or add on service, benefits, contraindications, length of the service;
  • Terms and Restrictions: will indicate how many you can buy, deal purchase expiration(dead line to buy the deal), deal life expiration( deadline to use the deal)

For instance: see the attached first REAL Daily Beauty Deal #1

Nataliya Doughty text: 907-727-7190


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