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Innovative technology to beautify your lashes.

“Lashing” through the snow…..

How are your lashes doing this cold, snowy winter?

If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your eyelashes should be nothing less than the accentuating frame that emphasizes the beauty of your eyes.

Well, if your eyelashes seem to fall short of this expectation, this is your chance to take those pretty little lashes from lackluster to luscious with Christmas offer from Art-Blend.

  •  For $150, you can treat yourself to Semi Permanent Lash Extensions that last up to 7-9 weeks.(regular price $190) print beauty money to take advantage of this offer, expires December 15th)

Raved as “The Next Best Thing in Beauty” by ABC News, JBLashes eyelash extensions are the secret to longer, fuller, more beautiful looking lashes. JB Lashes’ superior quality lashes make all the difference in a client’s appearance. Thick and beautifully curled, these lashes are completely safe for skin, eyes, and contact lenses. When correctly applied, they are so lightweight that the client never feels them.

Just like real lashes, they are resistant to water, heat, pool chlorine, perspiration and water based cleaners. A large segment of the female population, ranging from celebrities to women in business, is wearing eyelash extensions. These women have discovered some valuable benefits, and now this is your chance to extend the beauty of your lashes with this incredible offer from Art-Blend! Eyelash extensions are not for everyone, it is recommended to call Nataliya and get a free over the phone consultation before making decision.