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Details of Christmas Specials

Christmas gifts

The exciting holiday season has begun! With this cheerful time of year come fantastic opportunities to make the most out of the season at Sonata Spa. Read on for information about the exciting specials that will really brighten your holiday spirit. We have two fantastic specials going on. They are non-refundable, and valid all the way through December 24th, 2016!

Special #1

Get an extra $15 with the purchase of a $100 Gift Card. Sonata Club Members get an extra $25 credit.


How does it work?

When you buy a $100 Gift Card, you will get a $115 Gift Card; Sonata Club Members get a $125 Gift Card towards any services or products at Sonata Spa.

How do I know if I am a Sonata Club Member or not?

Theoretically, many of Sonata Spa clients are qualified for a FREE Sonata Club Membership, but might not yet be registered. To be registered, please review Membership Terms (link), and make sure you are subscribed to the Sonata Club Post. Click here  

Is this offer applied to Gift Cards for any other amount?

This offer is only valid for Gift Cards of $100 (or more).

How many cards can I buy?

You can only purchase one gift card for yourself and as many gift cards as you wish for other people.

Can I buy it for myself?

Yes, you can buy one card for yourself.

How can I purchase it?

  • You can purchase your card at our office and you will receive one of two original gift card designs.
  • You can purchase it online by using the PayPal method of payment: SonataSpa.com. In this case, you will receive a digital version of the traditional gift card design displayed on our website with the indicated value.
  • If you are buying it for yourself, we can simply credit your account for the Gift Card Value.

What services can I use this card for?

Any services Sonata Spa provides at the time of redemption.

Can I use this Gift Card for Products?

Yes, excluding those that are on sale.

Does it have an expiration date?

No, this card has no expiration date.

Special #2

Get $50 off when you Book and Pay for your Teeth Whitening Treatment.


Do I have to pay for this treatment online when I book an appointment online in order to get the special price? Yes, you have to book and prepay this treatment online by using the PayPal method of payment.

Do I have to book an appointment when buying this special?

Yes, you must book and prepay at the same time.

Can I pay for this special in person?

Yes, you can book and prepay your appointment in person in our office during working hours.

How many appointments can I book?

This is a personal treatment, so you can book only one appointment for yourself.

May I book this deal for my friend or a family member?  

No, you can share it with or purchase it for your friends, but they will have to book their appointment personally.

Can I get a Gift Card for this deal?

No, we don’t allow Gift Cards for this special but we can issue a customized, non-refundable Gift Certificate with expiration date for your friend or a family member.


If you want these specials for yourself, simply forward the links below to a friend or family member and let them know that this is on your holiday wish list! Please ask them to mention your name as the recipient, so that we can issue the Gift Card or Gift Certificate appropriately!

Link to buy Gift Card Special

Link to buy Teeth Whitening Special

Please contact Bethany at 279-7190 or by email at news@Sonataspa.com: and she will be happy to assist you.