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International Women’s Day

С наступающим Праздником Весны, Днем 8 Марта!Womens-Day-flyer-for-web-only-FINAL

The blossoms of spring are on their way and this surely means one of the loveliest festivities of the year – the International Women’s Day.

We welcome you to join us this year to celebrate women everywhere and to showcase their beauty, achievement and their spirited personalities.This evening will undoubtedly bring you lots of laughter, memories, great food and drink.

We invite you to feel glamorous and dress up – nothing is considered over the top!

Bring your laughter, bring your cheer and we’ll reward you with memories and beer!

Show your favorite women how much you care;

Love them, hug them and pay their fare!

Spring is coming, warmth is on its way – common Alaska,

let’s smile and celebrate the Women’s Day!

What to expect:

  • Open Bar
  • Catered food and carefully crafted menu
  • Games, entertainment, performances by local artists, surprises, inspiration, dancing
  • Many door and game prizes and one grand prize for a lucky winner

Where to expect it:

Fox Hollow Chalet

11801 Brayton Drive

Anchorage, Alaska, 99516

When to expect it:

March 7th, 6:30 pm


General admission: $50/person

Tickets may be purchased online at http://www.RussianPartyAlaska.com

or in person:

Nataliya Doughty: 727-7190

Oksana Gilespe: 929-7872

Linda Tomisser: 227-7303

Katerina and Fyodor Soloview: 563-9999

Call 907-727-7190 for info.

Seating is limited, tickets will not be sold at the door

Happy March 8!              

C 8 Mapta!

Sponsored by http://www.SonataSpa.com