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Electrolysis FAQ

How many Electrolysis treatments are needed?

Permanent Hair Removal is not a quick fix. Electrolysis treatment requires time and commitment. Since we have to treat each follicle individually, it may be a long, time-consuming process. Series of sessions are necessary to ensure successful outcome.

An Electrolysis treatment program must be tailored to meet each individual patient’s needs. Certain factors determine the number, length and frequency of treatments required, such as:

  • The number of hair follicles contained in the area of treatment
  • The sensitivity of the skin
  • The particular area to be treated
  • Health and skin condition
  • Previous methods of hair removal
  • Lifestyle, habits and hobbies

Your Electrologist will provide you with a treatment plan upon the first visit.

Treatment plan consist of:  length of each session and frequency of the sessions. Most patients find that a weekly session of 15-45 minutes is the most effective. In most cases it takes 6 to 9 month to get unwanted hair growth under control. And then occasional follow up appointments will be necessary to maintain the successful results.  The closer you adhere to your treatment schedule, the more effective your treatment program will be in helping you free yourself of superfluous hair forever.

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