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Make Your Loved One’s Wish Come True!

Our appearance is a key ingredient in creating a strong personal image.

It is very important to look and feel great!

Looking good brings us confidence, joy, happiness.

Positive emotions attract positive events to our life.

However, in the midst of everyday life routines, carrier,

and family it may be tricky to put our personal skin care needs before all other priorities.

This Christmas,

Make your Loved One’s Wish come True!

Give them a Gift of feeling confident in their appearance;

Gift of having smooth skin, free of blemishes, wrinkles, unwanted hair.

Help them experience softer, silky, more-radiant-looking skin.

Buy this Great Christmas Deal!

$50 Gift Certificate

for any services at Art-Blend

for only $25 (50%) Savings

Deal expires December 10th, 2013 see details.

P.S. Nataliya at Art-Blend is Highly experienced Esthetician/Electrologist specializing in innovative Skin Care and Permanent Hair Removal Treatments.

“As an Skin Care Specialist I enjoy consulting clients who have encountered unwanted skin conditions, excessive hair growth that can affect their personal life and self-esteem. Passionate about skin care, my aspiration is to help others find solution in achieving their beauty and personal goals.”

Nataliya Doughty

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